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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Windows Security Software

The Basically Windows Security Software You Should Have Install

To Protect Your Windows Start Affected By Virus, Trojan, Malware, Spyware, Keylogger etc When Your Computer Is Link Networking, Access Internet, Plug n Play Pendrive, Card Reader, Floppy Disk etc

Today, if your Computer just have one or two Protect Security software is not enough, because the technology is growing fastest mean the dangerous code such as virus etc them also growing and duplicated fastest.

The only way to solve this problem is, used different type of Security software or utility to protected your Windows being affected, but the one thing should be understand is "Not Mean you have install more then you won't be able for infected".

We don't want after you have been infected, no matter how many Protector Software or Utilities you just install is not used and also won't solve it 100%.

We want to protected our system is before being attack by virus, malware etc. This is only one way good solution for everybody don't waste a lot time for doing scanning and killing for trojan, malware etc.

Anti Virus - Recommended Avira Personal (non commercial used) and business license. Protect and Avoid for your Windows before attack and infected by virus, malware, trojan etc.

Malware / Spyware / Trojan
1.) MalwareBytes Anti Malware can do all the scanning for trojan, malware, key logger etc, and is FREE for Personal Used.
2.) Spybot & Destroy - Is best and free of used to do any scanning for spyware, also malware etc.

Cleaner / Delete File / Utility
1.) Ccleaner - Clean, disable, and repair etc for unwanted files etc, start up Windows application and Windows Registry.

2.) Unlocker - Used it to force delete any unwanted file which normal delete function are not work. Especially "Recycler".

3.) Auto Run Eater - It special to kill and delete the "autorun,inf" which most used by Malware to attack Windows through the Plug & Play hardware such as Pendrive.

New Folder Create Slow

It Was Slow To Create The New Folder Or Files

When You Try To Create The New Folder At Your Windows Anywhere Workplace It Was Slowly...This Will Also Happen Slow When Create The New File Name.

It taken around 12 seconds to 20 seconds after you have Right Click on your Mouse, and Right Context Menu is take time SLOW to open.

This can occur if your Windows System is affected by Virus, Malware, Trojan etc, or something Windows File is conflict or corrupted. If you have try to do a lot scanning with different protect security software also not used. Click Here For "Basically Windows Security Software" should have install on your Windows for Protection and Frequently Updating and do Scanning.

Or it happen when "Bad Context Menu Handler."

Windows System : Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro SP1, SP2, SP3

Go visit this Kelly Korner for Windows XP

And find out this list and name
* 286. Restore the "New" Context Menu to Default

* 395. Remove or Restore "New" Context Menu (Select NEW and download)

Right Click and select Save As Link, and do saving at your Desktop (after used/install, restart window, delete this file)

After you have download, YOU MUST change the file extension, since the file default is ".txt", click the file named and do "Rename / F2 by keyboard", and change it from :
(just click OK/YES, for accept changing the file type when pop up menu have ask)
restorenew.reg.txt TO retorenew.reg
restorenewcontextmenu.reg.txt TO restorenewcontextmenu.reg

After have changed the file extension, just double click each of them to install, accept YES when they ask you this "Are you sure you want to add the information c:\..." and click OK to proceed. RESTART YOUR WINDOWS after you have done. I have my personal meet up this problem and used this method to solve it.

If you still have the same problem, just contact me, and I try my best way to guide for you. Please allow me time for reply your message.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Application No Appear Windows Taskbar

The Application Was Not Appear/Showing At My Windows Taskbar

Windows :
Windows XP Service Pack 2, 3

My Windows Software Application Icons was not appear on Windows Taskbar. Please check up which problem you are meet first as below guideline before you do any trouble shooting for solution.

Taskbar 1. The Windows Taskbar Is Appear/Show, But All Application Icons Not Show On Taskbar
Today, one of my computer client, she office personal computer was meet up this problem, "after she log in to windows, and open any software application, and when do "Minimized (-)" of the application, then the applicaion Dont Show On Window Taskbar.

Taskbar 2.) The Windows Taskbar Is Not Appear
When Windows Taskbar is still appear is just the Application Open or Minimized is not showing up at taskbar. You have used mouse to right click to closed down all the "Language Bar, Quick Launch, etc", then after this your "Whole Windows Taskbar" will be totally DISAPPEAR, and you can see it little appear at your very low bottom window, and if you used mouse to "Click+Hold, then Drag Top" and it should not work.

And if press by Keyboard "Start" and Windows Start Up Page will appear at very middle at your Windows Desktop.

Mean, if you have enable back the "language bar, quick launch etc" at your taskbar, then your Windows Taskbar will be APPEARING again at your Windows, but your problem are suited to "Taskbar 1"

All this error maybe can be infected by some virus, malware. You are recommended to scan by this software for more safe reason :
MalwareByte Anti-Malware
Spybot & Destroy

Download each of them and save it to your Desktop, Install, and update the latest definition file. Then start for scanning to detect any dangerous codec hide at your windows. This should taken more than hours to complete. And this was not confirm that your "Windows Taskbar problem will be solve, but is highly recommeded you do scan also", look at below for more direct solution for this taskbar error.

If you feel what you are doing, and comfortable for yourself trouble shooting, then here is fast way to solve the above problem.

Solution 1) For the application running are not showing on the Windows Taskbar
Find Number 240 on the left: Programs aren't minimized to the Taskbar

Solution 2.) For the Windows Taksbar set to Default Functionality (if you used above tool is fix your problem, then this is not need do agian)
Find Number 164: Restore Taskbar to Default Functionality

Step Follow :
- Click to download with above link, and save it to your Desktop or any storage you prefer.
- After finish download, open from containing folder of that downloading file
- Double click the file and just click "YES" for process. Until it will ask you to RESTART for fully complete process, just click Yes also

(if your Windows is hang or stop responding, then just click "Start - Restart" option from there or Windows Task Manager to click for restart)

The above both fixed tool are not guarantee used at your own work, take your own risk. But we have used this (Kellys Korner XP Dot Com XP Tweak recommended tool) to solve for our local client which have to meet up this problem.

Solution Optional 3.) Running Programs Do Not Appear on the Taskbar
This is other sometime you can meet up, try the following step to check out, if yes just follow to remove it.

i) Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager box.
ii) At Processes Tab, Find & Click Instant Access (Tbmenu.exe), and then click End Process.
iii) Click Start - All Programs - StartUp - Find "Instant Access" and right click to select Delete/Remove
iv) Restart your computer, if necessay used the Solution 1 & 2 for complete your problem issue

The Instant Access are by Xerox's Text Bridge Instant Access OCR program, it will occur only when for some reason on bug. Remove or not based on your own risk for this utility.